Vegan & Vegetarian

The Quarter Barrel Arcade & Brewery is vegan & vegetarian friendly. Well, duh. One of the owners (Me, the guy writing this) is vegetarian. And while I don’t identify as strictly vegan, I prefer to eat vegan and make an effort to seek out meals free of animal products.

Long story short: I get it. Going out to eat as a veg*n takes a level of trust in the restaurant. While our menu might not be entirely vegetarian, you can trust that any dishes that contain meat or animal products will have those listed in the description. And our base ingredients are produced without any surprises (no cheese on our marinara; no eggs in our dough)

We are in the process of putting together a supplemental menu to help you cut through the noise. Sort of a ‘greatest hits’ collection of all of our dishes that are or can be made vegan or vegetarian.

Gluten free

Any of our 12 inch specialty or build-your-own pizzas can be made on gluten free crust. However, we must offer the caveat that we operate a relatively small kitchen space in which work with a lot of flour and dough. We do everything we can to minimize cross-contamination, but it remains a risk, so we cannot guarantee that any specific item is 100% free of gluten.