The Quarter Barrel is like a "your mom" joke that serves killer pizza and hand crafted beers and is loaded with classic arcade and pinball machines. But then, so's your face. 

The Quarter Barrel Arcade & Brewery is, well, a brewery, so allow myself to introduce myself. Half of the 24 draught beers we have on tap were brewed right here in house. We firmly believe that there's a beer for everyone, and we'll keep throwing fun and obscure beer styles at the wall to see what sticks. Check out our 15th century Dutch-style Kuitbier. You'll probably dig it.

Oh, but we're not *just* a brewery. We're also a pizzeria. A damned good pizzeria. We prep nearly everything from scratch. We source a lot of our ingredients from local farmers. We seek out the best ingredients that we can and somehow manage to keep our prices competitive. Are we "farm to table"? Well, yeah. But we're not going to use throw-away labels as an excuse to overcharge you.

And we're family-friendly. Bring your kids. As long as our kitchen is open, we allow minors. So get your kids out of the house and enjoy a beer while the next generation enjoys some arcade history (but please keep at least one eye on them). Just get them out the door when we stop serving food. Let the adults have some fun.

Wait... Did I not mention that we're also an arcade? Video games are 25¢ (there are even a few on free play); Pinball is 50¢ (well, the newest game is still set at $1). We focus on machines from the golden age of video arcade games ('78-'86) and we are making an effort to bring in some fun 4-player games from the 90s so that you can socialize while you play!


The Quarter Barrel

616 2nd Ave SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

(319) 200-4140


Monday: Closed
Tuesday–Thursday: 11a–12a
Friday–Saturday: 11a–2a
Sunday: 11a–10a

Just a 7 minute walk from the DoubleTree Convention Complex


For parties of 15 people or more, please contact us using the form below. If you've got ants in your pants, call us at (319) 849-8BIT.

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