Tasteful Nude


Dutch-style Kuit (Kuyt or Koyt). An Oat based ale popular in Holland in the 15th century.


 45% Malted Oats (get the kind with the hulls intact), 20% Wheat, 35% Barley Pale Ale Malt. Adjust the water close to that of Haarlem in the Netherlands with gypsum, calcium chloride, salt (use caning or pickling salt because it does not contain iodine or any anti caking products of table salt), and baking soda.

Employ a six step mash with 15 to 20 min rests at 95°, 113°, 126°, 142°, 162°, and 172° F

I hop with a mix of German noble hops and English hops to get a touch of spicy/floral and grassy/earthiness, but keep apparent aroma to a minimal. This beer is about the grain more than the hops.

I ferment with a German Ale strain of yeast --- however, this would be a great place to experiment with other yeast that originated in the coastal region of Western Europe.