It’s time for the 2nd annual release of the Quarter Barrel/Third Base collaboration beer Third Quarter. Cheeky name, but a gosh darned delicious beer. At its core, Third Quarter is an IPA of the New England variety. It’s chock full of Nugget, Amarillo, Simcoe, and Mosaic. And the grain bill is packed with oats for a bit of haze to float those hop oils and give it a silky smooth finish. It’ll be on tap Friday October 5th.

Blog Post #1

Hello. Time to start blogging. This may be a nice venue to let y'all know about events and changes and other excitement on the horizon, so I'm going to try to make a habit of it.

First, I'd like to make some quick thank you's to the bones behind this business. Our head chef Andrew and sous chef Josh have made our kitchen what it is (pretty great, wouldn't you say). They'll be moving on to a new passion in the next week or so, but The Quarter Barrel has been extremely lucky to have them at the helm since we opened. We're going to miss you guys!

Also, Todd, our pinball tech. He's not going anywhere (I hope!), but whatever guardian angel brought us together deserves a beer.  Our pinball machines take one hell of a beating, and Todd Jacobs keeps them working and looking good.

Speaking of games, I have a bunch of classics tucked away in storage. They all need a bit of work. Here are a few of the games in queue: Centipede, DigDug, Space Ace, Frogger, Jump Man, Space Invaders.  Anything you'd like to see on the floor first?